We are sisters… 2 of 4 sisters, Diana & Donna. People often ask us if we’re twins – we giggle with the exact same laugh, and then let them know we’re not.  Although looking at pictures of us growing up, we were dressed alike quite often – we try not to do that anymore.  :)  We are the middle girls.  Linda and Doris are our 2 sisters, who we absolutely cherish.  Doris is the baby, and Linda has the curly hair.  People definitely know we’re related when we’re all together, not only from our appearance, but we sound exactly alike.  We also have 1 awesome brother, David, who luckily doesn’t sound like us.  He was such a lucky guy to have 4 fun sisters, don’t you think?  No need to ask him, though!  Seriously, our loving parents instilled the importance of a close-knit family, which we are so thankful for.  We love being together and working together, so awesome!